12 Things I Know I Shouldn’t Be Doing That I Do Anyway

Thought Catalog

You know that guilty feeling of self disgust you get when you’re doing something you know is bad, something you wouldn’t be doing if you knew other people were watching? Of course you do. Chances are I’m not the only one doing with these secret shames. Tell me I’m not alone.

1. Skipping the gym and eating two ice cream bars instead.

2. Buying another daring outfit I’ll never wear thinking “I can totally pull this off” but then getting scared and backing down when it comes time to actually wear it.

3. Leaving the wet laundry in the washer overnight or until it achieves that musty stank smell.

4. Putting above-mentioned laundry into the dryer anyway, hoping maybe a dryer sheet will do the trick but secretly knowing it will not.

5. Hitting the snooze button four times every morning, justifying it by telling my half-sleeping self that I…

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