20 Tips For Modern Men

Thought Catalog

1. Don’t badmouth yoga. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, don’t underestimate its difficulty or effectiveness. Bench press all you want, my dude—you’re a strong guy ‘til you hit that eagle pose, I promise.

2. I’ve heard on numerous occasions that women notice excessively unkempt feet or dirty fingernails. At least make it look like you take decent care of yourself, as that often translates to the rest of your hygiene and cleanliness.

3. Never go out expecting and focusing on getting laid. Let’s be real, there are only so many people who, under a particular set of circumstances, would sleep with you that night. Optimism is great, but expecting to get some action will leave you reeking of desperation all night, before you possibly, probably head home disappointed.

4. Slaps, grips, daps, pounds, dead fish and other playful handshakes are for your friends. Firm handshakes joining forces with eye…

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