30 People On An Unchangable Fact About Life That Terrifies Them

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1. leeceia

That we reduce people to statistics. But the only one that’s accurate is 100% of people die.
And that because we can’t visualise stats or numbers or know everyone who dies, we lose perspective on things like the Holocaust. As they say, one death is devastating, 10 deaths is a tragedy, 100 deaths is just a number.

2. Ocramzeej66

The first radio waves that were transmitted from Earth at a powerful enough strength to be possibly be heard from nearby star systems were the 1936 Berlin Olympics, headed by Adolf Hitler. So far they have only spread 76 light-years distance. The Milky way is 100k-120k light-years in diameter. We are approximately 27k~ light-years away from galactic center. The light from the Sun that shone in the sky the day that Jesus was crucified hasn’t even reached the center…

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