50 People On The Thing They Hate Most About Sex

Thought Catalog

Pulled from the original post seen here on Reddit.

1. PilotTheCannibal

When one person’s hair gets in another person’s mouth.

2. TulipCuster

No foreplay. I can’t speak for all the ladies but a little spit isn’t enough. Can’t we just spend 5 minutes warming up so we BOTH enjoy it?!

3. NickMoore911

Instantly losing energy after finishing. It makes mornings frustrating when my SO is in the mood and I still have my whole day ahead of me. The sex itself is great, but falling asleep after? Fuck that.

4. saucyyy

When it lasts too long and starts to hurt.

5. Mamy2237

We do an awkward dance over to the edge of the bed to make sure he doesn’t exit me. Then I do a weird, penguin walk to the bathroom, keeping my thighs together. It’s very sexy.

6. pinkamena_pie

Being with someone new for the first time, worrying…

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