Types Of Women I Hate

Thought Catalog

“Guys girls”

How to be one: claim that you are a ‘guy’s girl’ and that you simply get along better with men. Say this without being consciously aware that your distaste for nearly every woman you become acquainted with (and by ‘distaste’ I mean ‘combination of intense fear and jealousy’) precedes actually becoming acquainted with any of them. The better-looking the female is, the greater your unfounded hatred should be. Be unable to refrain from physically reacting when one of these girls enters the room; grit your teeth, tighten your fists, eyeroll at everything they say. Create a self-fulfilling prophecy such that most girls hate you because you are so impolite.

“Pretty girls”

How to be one: if you do have girl friends, they should either be extremely good-looking or much less attractive than you. If they are exclusively babes you are That Girl Who Collects Pretty Friends To Try…

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