10 Signs You Are Dangerously Addicted to Your Phone

Thought Catalog

1. When you see the red “Facebook notification” or text message pop up you become annoyed when you can’t instantly check what it is. As if there is a slight chance Ryan Gosling may have just liked your new default pic and you MUST.KNOW.NOW.

2. You literally get anxiety knowing you won’t be able to check your phone for a span of time. You feel almost compelled to let everyone know for the next hour you won’t be able to see it so nothing important can happen to anyone, anywhere. “What do you mean I shouldn’t bring my phone into the funeral mass?”

3. You treat your phone like you would a small child. It is within arm’s reach and in clear eye sight at all times.”Is my phone right there? Do you see my phone over there?..Just checking.”

4. If God forbid it breaks you screech like someone just…

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