10 Things That Are Trying To Make You Feel Ugly And Their Success On A Scale Of 1-10

Thought Catalog

1. Front camera mode on your phone: 10

Especially when it’s unexpectedly turned on. You look down and it’s just there, displaying your slightly terrified, very candid face, capturing the bottom of your chin and deep inside your nostrils from an unflattering dead bird’s eye view.

2. CW actors & actresses: 8

This network should just paste: “jaw·line ˈjôˌlīn/ noun 1. the contour of the lower edge of a person’s jaw” on the screen and loop it because all I see are defined jawlines. Literally every single person that channel casts on a series looks photoshopped. From their perfect skin to every last strand of incredibly perfect hair. Some of those shows on ABC Family & MTV (e.g. Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Awkward) are guilty of this as well, wielding their insanely good-looking casts around like a confidence slicing sword.

3. Your reflection in car windows:…

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