15 Quick, Simple Reasons You’re Still Single (And What To Do About It)

Thought Catalog

1. You’re still a party girl/frat guy. While some people party their whole lives, most people see growing out of this a “sign” they’ve reached adulthood. If you wanna be fun and crazy for the rest of your life, go for it, but realize you’re going to find someone who is comfortable existing outside of the social norm.

2. You’re looking for anyone, not someone. People can tell when you’re just tired of being single and are super hungry to just be in a relationship. It’s very unflattering to realize the person you’re dating doesn’t care about you, specifically, just that you are a warm body. Make sure you actually care about the people you are dating, or hold out instead of stringing them along.

3. You just have too many cats. Some people have an eccentric hobby or personality trait that they are (somehow) oblivious too. Find someone who…

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