35 Non-Issues That People Love To Make A Big Deal About

Thought Catalog

For a look at all of the things people consider not that big of a deal, check out the original AskReddit here.

1. stopdangerpi

I share a toothbrush with my SO all the time. Whatever. We’re already sharing so many other bodily fluids.

2. Chateetcho

Holes in old clothes, i’m not talking about “Your ass is showing because your pocket is ripped off.” My mom always makes a big deal of little holes on the bottom of my shirt or old jeans when we go out in public. Who gives a shit? I mean under certain circumstances like going to have a family dinner or your job yeah, makes perfect sense unless your lucky enough to have an employer that doesn’t care. Who the fuck am I trying to impress when I go get groceries or to a movie?

3. Ipreferaflan

Toilet seat being up. Just……put it down? How…

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