I Married At 18 — And Now You’re In Shock

Thought Catalog

I got married at eighteen. Cue the look of surprise and all the assumptions. I hate telling people I’m married, not because I’m ashamed but because I get these looks that imply, “But you’re so young, what do you know about marriage? Can you even wipe your own ass? Were you pregnant?” Yes, I know what marriage implies, I can wipe my own ass and it’s probably the cleanest ass ever since I use a bidet, and no, I was not pregnant!

I usually get these inquisitive looks from older people. They find it unbelievable that such a young girl is married, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you! Yes I know, and I chose to share it with someone I love a little earlier than what you may consider usual.

Granted, I’m no longer eighteen but even at twenty-two I get the odd looks. At the time (when…

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