14 Really Weird Things You Won’t Be Fazed By If You Live In A City

Thought Catalog

Despite having lived in NYC my entire life, there are just some things I still can’t get used to. Namely, the nauseating, cold-sweat feeling that washes over you when you’re hungover and on your way to work, and you step right into a fart cloud or pass what smells like a rotting human. But barring that, there’s really not much that long-term city-dwellers are fazed by. Some examples, in no particular order:

1. Tranny fist fights

We don’t even call it that here. We just call it, Tuesday nights in the West Village.

2. Beggars

In some cities, they’re everywhere. And while I can’t speak for other cities, I know that New Yorkers are not only unfazed by them, but will in fact go so far as to appear offended by them too.

3. Dumpster divers

One man’s trash is another man’s goldmine. And who are we to judge?


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