20 Lessons You Learn As An Undergrad

Thought Catalog

1. It’s totally acceptable to bail early from a class. Particularly if it’s a huge lecture and you can get out of the room without drawing attention to yourself. You’ll get a feel for which professors are assholes about attendance; avoid skipping or being tardy for those lectures, because you do not want to be on a prof/TA’s bad side. But: you are paying to be there. Keep that in mind. Would you pay for an order at McDonalds and then drive off before they serve your food?

2. Cramming works sometimes. But really nothing beats having a firm grasp on the test material and practicing over time. If you have a reasonable base knowledge of a topic and just need some finesse work on the details, you can probably do that with a one- or two-hour block of focus right before the exam.

3. Making friends in class will…

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