20 Quirks Girls Have That Guys Can’t Stand

Thought Catalog

I know these because I do most of these. I’m sorry that lesbians are excluded from this article.

1. Biting Nails

I’m not a nail-biter myself, but I can safely assume guys don’t enjoy having to hold hands with stubby, chode-like fingers.

2. Can’t Take Compliments

It’s one thing to respond to a compliment with, “Who, me?? Nah…you crazy…” But it’s quite another thing to respond in a much more serious, body-dysmorphia kind of way. If a dude tells you you’re looking good, don’t get all wackjob on his ass—mainly because you would inevitably end up drawing attention to your “flaws” that he would have never noticed.

3. Talking About Yourself A Lot

It sucks, because our lives are always so much more interesting than theirs, but just try not to have that written all over your face. Apparently guys have feelings too.

4. Saying “Like” A Lot

I don’t…

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