5 Creative Ways To Get Over A Guy

Thought Catalog

1. Burn everything that reminds you of him:

As long as it doesn’t have a pulse, you’re set. Just be safe and try not to burn your house down. Bring your girlfriends over, binge on pizza, play “I Will Survive” on full blast, and just burn everything he gave you – teddy bears, pictures, his love letters, etc. Burn it all, and to add to the suspense, chant some gibberish and pretend you’re doing witchcraft. It feels great!

2. Write a list of all the reasons why you should NEVER go back to him:

There will be times, when you’re sitting on the couch in your marinara-stained PJs, eating leftover chips off your hair, you will miss him – a lot. And that’s when you’ll need to pull out your “hate list” and read it. Read it a thousand times. Sing it if you want. Or read it in 3…

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