6 Places You’ll Never See Again

Thought Catalog

1. The Childhood Bedroom

I don’t think I really even remember my childhood bedroom. Mine was at the end of the corridor of a tiny apartment my mom, my brother and I lived in. Dad was usually out of the country. I think my bedroom changed a few times, depending on what cartoon, Barbie doll or Disney movie was in fashion. There were stuffed animals, at some point Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys posters, half of my closet was used for mom’s storage and it eventually became the computer room. Thank God we moved shortly after that.

2. The Detention Room

The most dreaded room for all of Middle School and High School, there was probably a detention room starting since Kindergarten but I don’t think I was aware of detention then. Although I can honestly say that I was only in the detention room once (felt SO badass), the…

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