9 Reasons Why You Are A Disgusting Pig

Thought Catalog

1. You publicly bragged about “beautiful girls” sending you “sexy” photos when you made me believe I was the only girl you were romantically involved with at the time.

2. I would always catch you saying ‘Remember that time when we……” Each time you would ask that, I had to correct you and let you know that for example, I wasn’t the girl who you ordered Thai food with that month.

3. You said you weren’t sleeping around, but we both know how I caught you in that lie.

4. You would constantly say you would prefer heart over beauty any day because “men tend to age better than woman” and if you “marry for looks, you will be miserable.” Well Guess what? You chose looks over my heart and you look tired and worn out for your age and I look 27 going on 17.

5. All those times…

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