The 6 Ex-Boyfriends You Will Have

Thought Catalog

1. The “Not Around the Bros” Boyfriend”

There is going to be a struggle with this Boyfriend, and it is going to be cracking the elaborate morse-code-and-tap-dance-combination that is getting to be even remotely a part of his friend life. He has his bros, you see, and as you are not in possession of a penis (the sole quality required to be a participant in the Bro Club, as far as you can tell), you are going to be ritualistically excluded from all things platonic love. You want to hang out with him in the presence of his friends occasionally? Mmmm, yeah, no… that would be weird. You attempt to hold his hand whilst gallivanting with said bros in one of the precious moments of girlfriend co-mingling? Please don’t do that, it’s embarrassing. You are essentially the romantic equivalent to his mother pinning his mittens to his coat in front…

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