The 7 Types Of Guys We’ve Lowered Our Standards For

Thought Catalog

There’s this theory. That you rate yourself out of 10 and then you can date people two points either above or below that figure. My friend, my rugby playing, non-emotional, beer drinking brother-like friend recently told me I am an eight. I laugh awkwardly and sip my coffee, then think about all the guys I have ever dated. What were they? He asks me about my recent romantic endeavour, one in which the guy eventuated into a drug mule and chlamydia carrier. Undoubtedly ending in disaster.

He asked,

“Was he hotter than you?”

“What? Hotter? I don’t know. You met him, he was cool,” I said. Ish. Cool-ish.

“He was definitely not as hot as you,” he said. And I sat and thought about it, wondering if it was vain to agree or not, and was that weird.

“I don’t get it, aye,” he said, after I told him about…

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