3 Crucial Dating Rules For The Power Woman

Thought Catalog

In the age of Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer, it’s not always easy to be with a power woman.  In fact, often you when enter to a relationship as a successful, attractive woman there become very evident power plays that become difficult to deal with.  How do you have an more equal relationship without making your man feel less worthy?

1. Stop Apologizing

The last time he cancelled on date night because he had work overtime, how many times did he apologize? Once. In the text message he sent notifying you of it.  You shouldn’t feel guilty for the couple times that you have to sacrifice, everyone has to do it.  Don’t make a habit out of it, but also be appreciative of the fact that you have a man that respects your professional life as well.  Also the more you say sorry, the less it means.  Save it for the times it counts.

2. Force…

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