How Not to React to a Tragedy


Typhoon Hainan was the natural disaster, but the response different individuals and institutions made in the aftermath was the tragedy. It’s time we made that clear.

The storm surge that wiped out coastal communities was bad, the fact that majority of the victims came from the lowest-income bracket made it even worse but the social media comments and the on-air sentiments made by several prominent people as well as ordinary people who then became prominent did nothing to alleviate that devastation.

When you see photos of debris from completely destroyed houses, the natural human response would be to feel sympathy. Yet, some not-so-intelligent members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) religion instead glorified the fact that amid the rubble stood a seemingly unscathed INC church. If that was not insensitive enough, some went on to say that it was ‘proof’ that theirs is the one true religion.


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