The 6 Types Of Ex-Girlfriends You’ll Have In Your 20s

Thought Catalog

Your 20s, a span of ten years that there are definitely not enough articles about, is filled with exes–girls, boys, and drinks once loved and lusted after. Here are some of that first one:

1. The Probably Still Not Over It “Random Texter”

“Hawthorne Heights just randomly came up on my Pandora, just thought you’d appreciate 🙂 “

Your last physical contact was over three years ago, and you still have sort of a bitter taste in your mouth as to how it ended–but nonetheless, these sorts of texts “randomly” pop up once every three months. And they always seem to be crafted with the intention of resurfacing some sort of inside joke, as if to recapture the fun brand of intimacy you two once shared.

Even though you’re both well aware this ‘ship has long since sailed, you weirdly revel in these occasional nostalgic blasts. Particularly given that…

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